Who owns this wedding ring found in a dumpster in Wayne, NJ?

Usually when you hear a story about a missing wedding ring and a dumpster, it’s the owner looking for the lost ring. In Wayne they have the ring – they just don’t know who owns it.

According to NorthJersey.com, an unidentified man came to Wayne’s Public Works Department and said he had mistakenly thrown away his wedding ring with his recyclables when he threw them in the dumpster.

After a DPW worker later found the ring, the owner didn’t return when he was supposed to. When he returned to the yard, however, he spoke to a DPW worker who was unaware of the found ring.

This put the DPW in an unusual situation: they recovered the lost item, but now the owner is lost! Hats off to the DPW worker who braved people’s recyclable waste litter to find the ring, now they just need the guy who threw it away!

I’ve never heard of a story like this, but hopefully, with the help of the audience, it can still have a happy ending. The word is out, now, so ask your friends if they accidentally threw away a wedding ring.

I lost my wedding ring while swimming in the ocean off Lavallette in the late 90s; I watched it float as I tried in vain to catch it. All he did was make more waves that took the ring away from me. Guess it’s still at the bottom of the Atlantic where someone with a metal detector found it.

The Wayne covenant is etched with “Now & Always” but that’s not much for the DPW to continue.

If you know of anyone who mistakenly threw a wedding ring at Wayne, go to the DPW in Wayne at 201 Dey Road.

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