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Quiz: What do you think is the best city in New Zealand?

Could Christchurch be New Zealand’s next super city – and is it the best place to live the “Kiwi dream?”

After devastating earthquakes more than a decade ago, the Garden City has slowly rebounded, often being called the most modern and smartest city in the world.

Rebuilding may not be complete, but New Zealand’s second-largest city remains a unique place, combining urban regeneration and innovation – the city is fast becoming the country’s technology hub – with history and heritage.

It has retained much of its renowned English quaintness – the most English town outside of England – with the meandering tranquility of the River Avon and its colonial architecture still standing. But today, it’s also lined with clean, modern buildings that have brought the place back to life and breathed new life into it.

All of this is set between the hills and the sea, the majestic Southern Alps and the almighty Pacific Ocean; one of the few spots in the world where you can ski and surf in the same day. Christchurch is the gateway to Antarctica – and the giant playground of the South Island, including the adventure capital of Queenstown.

At NZME we promote Christchurch as the best city in New Zealand and look at what we need to do to make it the new Super City.

A place with a predicted massive population boom – the city of Christchurch and its satellite towns are expected to grow by 150,000 people by 2048 – where house prices are still relatively affordable, with good schools, a stable climate and successful sports teams.

There’s an argument – and not just dyed-in-the-wool one-eyed Cantabrians – that this is the best place to live in the country.

But is it the right city for you? If not, Christchurch, then where? Where in New Zealand has everything a modern family needs?

Auckland has the people and the jobs, but how does its work-life balance compare to, say, Dunedin or the capital? And is the Deep South too cold, Welly too windy, Auckland too wet and humid, where Christchurch has Goldilocks weather to be right?

Take our quiz and find out where the best place is to live your Kiwi dream.