How to Help the Family of an NJ Police Officer Killed in an Accident

NORTH BERGEN — Police officers and community members have donated thousands of dollars to a funeral fund for a township police officer who died in a weekend accident on his way to work.

As of Monday afternoon, more than $31,000 had been raised to help the family of North Bergen police officer Julio Noriega rest the 28-year-old.

Noriega was pronounced dead at a local hospital following Saturday morning’s crash in North Bergen involving Noriega’s personal Honda and a garbage truck.

North Bergen Police Officer Julio Luis Noriega (North Bergen Police Department)

North Bergen Police Officer Julio Luis Noriega (North Bergen Police Department)

The accident near the intersection of 41st Street and Tonnelle Avenue also started a fire.

On Monday, no further details were released about potential factors in the collision.

Noriega worked for the department from 2015 as a communications officer, before being sworn in as an officer in January 2019.

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