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Bradford on Avon City Council ‘determined’ to pass pavilion proposal

A protest group of Bradford on Avon residents have accused the council of being ‘inflexible’ on the railway through plans for a new community pavilion.

The council has submitted a pre-planning application to Wiltshire Council to build the new two-storey clubhouse at the upper end of Culver Close playground, closer to the B3109 Frome road.

The council says it can be used by the local community and town sports clubs, including cricket, football and tennis.

But Niall Machin, a member of the Culver Close 25 Friends group, says the council ignored local concerns about building the new pavilion in a green space in the middle of the playing field, rather than redeveloping the pavilion’s existing footprint .

They also say he ignores transport, traffic and parking problems at the very dangerous Frome Road roundabout at the top of Pound Lane, where many accidents occur each year.

In an email to the Mayor of Bradford on Avon, Cllr Katie Vigar, Mr Machin said: ‘In early May, Friends of Culver and other concerned local residents submitted questions to Council about the proposed location of the new cricket pavilion.

“We had no answers to our questions. We also attended the Town Development Committee on May 10, chaired by BoA Cricket Team Captain Cllr Vittles and filed our concerns: still no answers .

“The Council was due to report on the results of the April 2022 consultation at the May 10 meeting, but no report was presented and the matter was glossed over.

“While the proposal is directly contrary to the National Green Belt and AONB (Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty) planning policy and contrary to the council’s BoA Neighborhood Plan policies, the City Council appears determined to to get this proposal through planning and asked Wiltshire Council pre-planning councils, having already wasted around £20,000 of our money on the design of this white elephant, when the redevelopment of the existing footprint of the cricket pavilion would be welcomed by all.

“As residents, we are not listened to or have our questions answered. This is not local democracy – it appears to be predetermination (under localism law) based on improper vested interests.

A City Council spokesperson said: “Officers are carefully reviewing many of the questions and concerns raised by residents about the Community Pavilion – full responses will be provided as soon as possible.

“Additionally, City Council is planning further consultation on the proposed community pavilion.”