Quick money in the account for the holiday?

It is already April again and most people have already booked the holiday. Although the holiday allowance is still awaiting. If you also want to book a holiday and actually want to use the holiday pay to make the down payment, for example, there is another way. As everyone knows, most holiday destinations are fully booked quickly, so waiting for the holiday pay is usually not an option. You could also consider taking out a mini loan. You will then have the money in your account quickly and at least you will know that you are still on time to book your holiday.

Tip: if you book a holiday, do not economize on taking out travel insurance. Without insuring you when you go on holiday, you can be faced with annoying financial surprises.

How does this work?

Requesting a mini loan can be arranged quickly and easily. You can easily request a small loan from both lenders. By visiting the websites of one of the providers and clicking on the desired amount, you can easily borrow money. You can borrow a maximum of 1500 euros if you apply for such a loan. If you are applying for a mini-loan for the first time, it will probably take a little longer before you have the money in your account. With the second and subsequent applications you often have the money in your account with 10 minutes.

Tip: Never borrow more than is strictly necessary. You thereby pay additional costs which you therefore pay for nothing. So first check how much you want to borrow before you apply for a mini loan.

When to pay back?

When to pay back?

If you decide to pay for your holiday with the mini loan, you will have to pay back the amount with 15, 30, 45 or 60 days. It just depends on the amount of the borrowed money. The more you borrow, the longer the period after which you must repay it. Make sure you pay back on time. If you are late, you will receive a fine from the lender.

Terms mini loan

Terms mini loan

The conditions of the mini-loan are different from most loan forms. These are quite flexible, this is because the amounts are also considerably lower. You must live in the Netherlands, be at least 21 years old and have a fixed income. If you have a BKR code behind your name, this is no problem when applying for the mini loan. Borrowing with BKR is therefore possible. Even if you temporarily have no work but do receive benefits, you can borrow money through the mini loan.


Although there are not many providers where you can go for the application, it is wise to compare the mini loan providers. There can always be differences with which you can take advantage. It is annoying enough to borrow money, so it is so nice if you can do this in the cheapest and best way.