O.J. Simpson, free after paying 125,000 dollars of bail for the theft in a Casino


O.J. Simpson, free after paying 125,000 dollars of bail for the theft in a Casino

LAS VEGAS .- Former American football star OJ Simpson has paid the $ 125,000 that a court in Las Vegas has set after being accused of kidnapping, conspiracy and robbery in a hotel in Las Vegas.

Simpson, who was detained since last Sunday, was in a court hearing just 10 minutes.

He has left the prison dressed in a light suit and a white shirt without a tie that his lawyer, Yale Galanter, had brought him minutes before, who also took care of picking him up in a car at the door of the Center. of Clark County Detention.

His departure was followed by hundreds of cameras and accompanied by shouts like "Justice for Nicole" and "Justice for Ron" , similar to those that a decade ago turned his trial for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and his friend Ron Goldman in a media circus from which he was acquitted.

Along with him, three others have been charged in the case, facing 11 criminal charges, including coercion and assault with a lethal weapon.

The incident took place in Las Vegas last Thursday, when Simpson and his companions tried to get hold of a series of sports memorabilia of the defendant who were at auction in a hotel in Las Vegas.

Charges of attempted robbery in Las Vegas could be further complicated as one of the alleged victims, Bruce Fromong, is hospitalized in critical condition after a severe heart attack. .

Weapons and audio tapes

Simpson was in Las Vegas to attend a friend's wedding when, according to his version , he was informed that some items from his sports collection were for sale in this city. His version disclosed to the media indicates that he only recovered the objects that belonged to him and that in no case did the use of weapons exist.

In an audio recording posted you can hear Simpson arrive at a hotel room and in the midst of insults and profane expressions accuses someone of having stolen his belongings. In addition, the Las Vegas police recovered two weapons at the scene of the incident, the same sources said.

The other two suspects in this case are Walter Alexander, released on bail, and Clarence Stewart also released after posting bail. The ownership of the objects at issue is also under discussion in the courts, now that the Goldman family has claimed them, linked to one of the victims of the murder of which Simpson was responsible for the civilian route.