Month: May 2019

What is surety bond? What are the advantages for lessor and lessee?

The surety bond has come to be an alternative to ordinary rent guarantees. Ideal for tenants who have difficulties to obtain guarantees in a process of renting a residential or commercial property, whether in Curitiba, São Paulo or any other Brazilian city. But do you know what is safe-bail ? Due to the lack of a guarantor or guarantor, many people […]


Cautions For Provisional Release

In the context of the temporary release of a suspect, the court may impose the fulfillment of certain conditions. One of these prerequisites is the payment of a bond, the amount of which is determined by the judge. Cautions for provisional release What is the role of the French public sector financial institution in the […]


The annual information of the surety and the nullity of the surety

The annual information of the surety and the nullity of the suretyship A person has signed a joint guarantee deed to Crédit Agricole, to whose rights came a Common Debt Fund, a loan granted to a company. This company has been defective, the securitization company as the management company of the common fund, then assigned […]


Worth knowing about the rental deposit – Forms of bail

  Almost everyone knows the situation: Before moving into a new home, the majority of landlords pay a deposit to secure their own interests. For tenants, this payment is often an additional financial burden in an already costly move. Purpose of the deposit payment The deposit will be used to compensate for any damages or […]